Your involvement as a general practitioner starts here, with your regional Association. Discover the benefits of being a member and how easy it is to become one!


A better representation at the FMOQ

The number of delegates to the FMOQ Council is based on the number of registered members. If you are not a member of AMOM, we can not represent your interests.

Remission of the membership fees by the FMOQ

AMOM does not receive any direct contributions from its members. The FMOQ gives the Association a percentage of your union dues. By becoming a member of AMOM, you contribute to the collective strength of general practitioners in your area. 

Right to speak and vote AMOM

Throughout the year, several activities are held (conferences, general assembly, etc.). In order to participate, you must be a member of the Association. Take advantage of this opportunity to express your needs regarding your practice or to discuss the model of organization proposed, particularly in the recent reorganization of the primary care network in Montreal.

Exclusive services to members

Your membership status also gives you access to:

• Union assistance for all matters related to your practice, e.g. in the event of an investigation by a regulatory authority or a conflictual situation in your practice;

• A press review of regional medical news updated almost daily on this website.

Become a member today

Please use the Online Form to register. Simply fill out the membership form and return it by email to or by fax at 514 878-2608.

You can then create an account on our website and follow the validation steps.

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