89495 – Problèmes courants en pneumologie

Events and Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities are offered either virtually or in-person. You must register via the AMOM website. 

You only have a few days left to report to the Collège des médecins du Québec the summary of your continuing education activities as part of the first cycle of the Regulation on Mandatory Continuing Education for CMQ physicians, from January 1, 2019, to December 31, 2023.

If you have not yet reached the required number of training hours, the training hours completed in 2024 will be used to fill any gaps. Make sure you have met all requirements by the deadline of March 31st. Here is a reminder of the Regulation’s requirements:

1. Participate in a minimum of 250 hours of continuing education activities per five-year reference period, including:

  • at least 125 hours of recognized professional development activities (Category A)
  • at least 10 hours of recognized exercise evaluation activities (Category B)
    115 hours of Category A, B, or C 

2. Participate in 25 hours of recognized continuing education activities per year (Category A or B)
To support you in this process:

23 April 2024
89495 – Problèmes courants en pneumologie
24 Seats availables
24 April 2024
89850 – Approche multidisciplinaire dans le traitement du diabète de type 2


7 May 2024
90259 – Rhumato: du bilan au traitement


9 May 2024
89867 – Comment traiter efficacement le diabète en 2024
21 Seats availables
14 May 2024
90229 – Inject to Protect: Overview of Insulin Management in 2024 | Living with Diabetes: Simplifying treatment in 2024
21 Seats availables
15 May 2024
89768 – Alimentation et diabète: comment pouvez-vous guider votre patient ? | Le patient diabétique sous la loupe du cardiologue
1 Seats availables


Starting June 1st, 2024, our training sessions will be open to non-member physicians and other healthcare professionals for a fee. This decision is intended to expand access to our events and training sessions.