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As you probably know, the MSSS and the FMOQ have agreed to conduct a study on the costs of running an office before they set the daily lump sum (currently set at $50) that physicians will be entitled to.

As a result, the Federation is now carrying out a major, province-wide study. It has hired the accounting firm of FBL and is looking for physicians who are willing to participate in this study.

The Association of General Practitioners of Montreal (AMOM) is strongly encouraging you to answer the FMOQ’s call as soon as possible by contacting Mrs. Marianne Casavant at 514-878-1911 or It will be her pleasure to send you a questionnaire, along with instructions. It will only take you a few minutes to complete this questionnaire. We guarantee that your responses will remain confidential and totally anonymous.

We are aware that we are asking a special favour, but your participation in this survey is essential if we are to obtain a reliable picture of the costs of operating a private office in Montreal. In fact, we believe that these costs are higher in Montreal than elsewhere in the province and we represent close to 25% of all general practitioners in the province.

The more responses we have, the more the study will be representative and the greater the chances are that our offices will remain viable going forward. This is entirely to our advantage.


Dr. Michel Vachon
Vice-president and Chair of the AMOM Committee on Accessibility

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