84333 – Pharmacological and non-pharmacological options in COPD including COPD rehabilltation | Explained – At the heart of protection – Understanding the new gold standard for heart and kidney protection (CEM-267) (in person)

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Objectifs d'apprentissage


At the end of these conferences, participant will be able to:

Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological Options in COPD including COPD Rehabilitation and resources
1. Learn and apply the Canadian Thoracic Society Guidelines and GOLD recommendations updates for COPD;
2. Establish priorities in pharmacotherapy including the choice of devices;
3. Cite the specific patient based criteria for implimenting ICS use with the goal of exacerbation prevention in the appropriate patient, and choose the proper ICS dose;
3. Describe the importance and objectives of non-pharmacological approach to COPD;
4. Cite and descibe the pulmonary rehabilitation resources to offer our COPD patients as well as useful tools on the website of Le Réseau québécois d'éducation en santé respiratoire (RQESR).

Explained - At the heart of protection- Understanding the new gold standard for heart and kidney protection (CEM-267)
1. Apply the latest Canadian guidelines when advancing pharmacological treatments for patients with cardiovascular disease with or without type 2 diabetes;
2. Initiate SGLT2 inhibitors or GLP-1 receptor agonists for cardioprotection in patients with cardiovascular disease with or without type 2 diabetes;
3. Help patients explore treatment hesitancy and effectively communicate to them the type and magnitude of benefit seen with these cardioprotective treatments.


Moderator : Dr. Jonathan Singerman. Conferences given by Dr. Francois Beaucage and Dr. Michael Tsoukas.


From 17 h 30 to 17 h 45, Welcome
From 17 h 45 to 18 h 15, Meal
From 18 h 15 to 19 h 45, Conference
From 19 h 45 to 19 h 55, Break
From 19 h 55 to 21 h 25, Conference

Conference Venue

This conference will be held at Vago Restaurant, located at 1336 Av. Greene, Westmount, QC H3Z 2B1.


If you need any information, please contact Mrs Carole Girard from Boehringer-Ingelheim at 514 943-5862 or at carole.girard@boehringer-ingelheim.com or with Mrs. Julie Richer from Eli Lilly at 514 497-7888 or at richer_julie@lilly.com.

The AMOM recommends that all participants follow the provincial health guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Participants acknowledge and accept the health risks that may be associated with in-person participation and understand that they are solely responsible for assessing their own health and taking appropriate safety measures for their situation.

Recognition of Educational Activities

L’Association des médecins omnipraticiens de Montréal, under the aegis of the FMOQ, recognizes 3.00 hours of professional development activity, of category 1, as required by the professional development regulations of the CMQ. The FMOQ number to retrieve your certificate is 84333.

Educational Subsidy

This activity has received an educational subsidy from Boehringer-Ingelheim and from Eli Lilly.

Event Details

Date: 2022-12-01

Start time: 17:30 EDT

End time: 21:25 EDT

Venue: Restaurant Vago

Coordinates: 1336 Av. Greene, Westmount, QC H3Z 2B1