84813 – Current guidelines and emerging trends in treating osteoporosis | Key concepts in primary and secondary CVD prevention (in person)

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Learning Objectives


At the end of these conferences, participant will be able to:

Current guidelines and emerging trends in treating osteoporosis
1. Provide current epidemiological overview of osteoporosis in Canada and its prevalence as a disease;
2. Present current pharmacotherapeutic options using patient-based cases and cite useful clinical parameters that are helpful in guiding the selection amongst the classes of medications available;
3. Cite the NNT and NNH for hip and vertebral fractures of each class of pharmacological agent and elaborate on the clinically relevant contraindications of each class;
3. Define non-pharmacological measures useful in fall prevention and fragility fractures;
4. Outline the data supporting combination therapy strategies and escalation techniques.

Key concepts in primary and secondary CVD prevention
1.Cite current guidelines for primary and secondary CVD prevention and elaborate on statin-indicated conditions while defining respective LDL targets including taking into account patients with elevated Lp(a);
2. Define the role of CAC score and which type of patient to use it in in order to reclassify patients into higher or lower risk categories;
3. Elaborate on all of the available PCSK9 inhibitors and identify the appropriate patient populations that can most benefit from their use amongst primary and secondary prevention and elaborate on the pharmacoeconomic implications;
4. Define RAMQ criteria for PCSK9 coverage;
5. Define the types of patients that most benefit from colchicine in secondary CVD prevention;
6. Elaborate on non pharmacological measures to suggest to patients in adjunct to pharmacotherapy.


Moderator : Dr. Jonathan Singerman. Conferences given by Dr. Michael Tsoukas and Dr. Christian Constance.


From 17 h 30 to 17 h 45, Welcome
From 17 h 45 to 18 h 15, Meal
From 18 h 15 to 19 h 45, Conference
From 19 h 45 to 19 h 55, Break
From 19 h 55 to 21 h 25, Conference

Conference Venue

This conference will be held at Molyvos Restaurant, located at 4235 A Decarie Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H4A 3K4.

The AMOM recommends that all participants follow the provincial health guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Participants acknowledge and accept the health risks that may be associated with in-person participation and understand that they are solely responsible for assessing their own health and taking appropriate safety measures for their situation.


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The pharmaceutical company agrees not to communicate this information without the consent of the participant.

If you do not want your first and last name disclosed, please contact Ms. Aline Sabbagh at asabbagh@amom.net indicating the activity number.

Recognition of Educational Activities

L’Association des médecins omnipraticiens de Montréal, under the aegis of the FMOQ, recognizes 3.00 hours of professional development activity, of category 1, as required by the professional development regulations of the CMQ. The FMOQ number to retrieve your certificate is 84813.

Educational Subsidy

This activity has received an educational subsidy from Amgen Canada Inc.

Event Details

Date: 2023-02-02

Start time: 17:30 EST

End time: 21:25 EST

Venue: Restaurant Molyvos

Directions: 4235 A Decarie Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H4A 3K4