85950 – Beyond the numbers: Optimizing Outcome-Modifying Agents in Type 2 Diabetes (CEM-280) (in person)

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Conference RESERVED ONLY for the Clinique MEDNAM.

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Conference RESERVED ONLY for the Clinique Mednam.

Learning Objectives


By the end of the conference, the participant will be able to:

Beyond the numbers: Optimizing Outcome-Modifying Agents in Type 2 Diabetes (CEM-280)
1. Assess antihyperglycemic therapy selection in patients with diabetes based on the Diabetes Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines;
2. Examine individualized therapy based on the patient’s A1C level, weight, and underlying cardiorenal risks;
3. Explore practical considerations for prescribing antihyperglycemic therapies based on safety, dosing, titration, administration, and patient priorities.


Moderator : Dr. Antoine Hoang. Conferences given by Dr. Michael Tsoukas.


From 18:30 to 19:45, Conference


It is important to register online in order to participate.

The AMOM recommends that all participants follow the provincial health guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants acknowledge and accept the health risks that may be associated with in-person participation and understand that they are solely responsible for assessing their own health and taking appropriate safety measures for their situation.


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Conference Venue

This conference will be held at the La Campagnola restaurant, located at 1708 Av Dollard, LaSalle, QC H8N 1T8.

Recognition of Educational Activities

L’Association des médecins omnipraticiens de Montréal, under the aegis of the FMOQ, recognizes 1,25 hours of professional development activity, of category 1, as required by the professional development regulations of the CMQ. The FMOQ number to retrieve your certificate is 85950.

Educational Subsidy

This activity has received an educational subsidy from Novo Nordisk Canada Inc.

Event Details

Date: 2023-05-17

Start time: 18:30 EST

End time: 19:45 EST

Venue: La Campagnola restaurant

Directions: 1708 Av Dollard, LaSalle, QC H8N 1T8