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Be ready… your support is a must

At the beginning of April, the Federation held its annual presidents' meeting, which involved two days of reflection on the theme of negotiation and mobilization of our "troops."

You can well imagine that it was easy enough to obtain unanimity concerning our objectives and the desire to reach them. We have set ambitious goals, as you know, and without the support of each and every one of you, we will not be able to succeed.

In the current political and economic context, enhancing the value of family medicine by changing our organizational models, increasing and adapting the support needed to practice and making remuneration more equitable cannot be done without a certain level of mobilization of our union base. And all of you make up this base.

You cannot remain indifferent to what is at stake in this negotiation that we started on March 3 when we submitted our list of demands. The Ministry countered with its own proposal on April 20, thus allowing for the opening of a true dialogue.

We will need your support. The road ahead will be difficult and there will likely be bumps along the way. Your support will have to go beyond simple words. You will have to prepare yourself starting now, just as we are doing at the Association. You will be informed as quickly as possible about any major developments. Sector meetings are also being planned for a little later on in the process.

This is a last-chance negotiation for the future of our profession. We cannot postpone all of this until 2015, which is what the government has proposed.

We hope to be able to reach an agreement in 2010 and you will be called upon to voice your opinion on the government offers. It will not be enough for the Ministry to convince us this time; you will have to be convinced.

We will report back to you shortly, probably within the next week or two, with the Ministry proposals, which should set the tone for the coming months.

Dr. Marc André Asselin, President

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