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Negociations and Activities

As you all know, our general agreement will expire on March 31, 2010. The Federation is ready. We formally submitted our list of demands and proposals at the negotiating table on March 3 and 4, 2010.

One week later, we were addressing the general public at a press conference where we presented our proposals for resolving the chronic problems of first line care in Quebec. The next negotiating session is scheduled for the end of April, when the government will present its responses.

We are currently focusing on concluding the negotiations concerning the unclaimed portion of our budgetary envelope. This sum will be attributed for reasons of recurrence to working outside of regular hours in all practice settings. The increase should fall somewhere around 13% and it will be added to sums already provided for weekends and holidays. It will apply to all acts carried out after 6 p.m.

At the regional level, we are currently working on the recommendations of the committee on physicians nearing retirement, which we would like to see applied as soon as possible.

It is now 2010 and in one year AMOM will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. It was on June 22, 1961 that the Secretary of the province recognized the Association syndicale des médecins-chirurgiens du district médical de Montréal. We are preparing celebrations to commemorate this event. We will keep you informed.

I would like to wish you a glorious spring.

Dr. Marc André Asselin, President

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