84807 – COPD-Act now for a better quality of life (CEM-285) | Screening for Lung Cancer in 2023 (virtual)

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Learning Objectives


At the end of these conferences, participant will be able to:

COPD-Act now for a better quality of life (CEM-285)
1. Describe the burden of COPD and the impact of exacerbations;
2. Optimize treatment to slow COPD progression and prevent complications;
3. Provide management and follow-up of COPD patients to improve their quality of life.

Screening for Lung Cancer in the General Practice
1. Cite the epidemiological evidence supporting the screening of lung cancer in 2023 including the NNT and the NNH;
2. Identify the inclusion criteria as well as required investigations and timeline for the diagnosis and stratification of lung cancer and how to access the Québec Lung Cancer Screening Program;
3. Enumerate the duration of screening and the periodicity for repeat screening;
4. Formulate an approach to incidental findings of lung nodules as per the most current Updated Fleischner Society Guidelines and define who is high risk;
5. Describe and share clinical pearls from personal practice to help patients stop smoking.


Moderator : Dr. Jonathan Singerman. Conferences given by Dr. Alexandro Zarruk and Dr. Carmen Pepe.


From 18 h 00 to 18 h 05, Welcome
From 18 h 05 to 19 h 35, Conference
From 19 h 35 to 19 h 40, Break
From 19 h 40 to 21 h 10, Conference

Recognition of Educational Activities

L’Association des médecins omnipraticiens de Montréal, under the aegis of the FMOQ, recognizes 3.00 hours of professional development activity, of category 1, as required by the professional development regulations of the CMQ. The FMOQ number to retrieve your certificate is 84807.

Educational Subsidy

This activity has received an educational subsidy from AstraZeneca Canada Inc.

Event Details

Date: 2023-03-14

Start time: 18:00 EDT

End time: 21:10 EDT

Venue: Webinar